All Treatment journeys at VSP Clinic begin with a Consultation.

Our Consultations take the guesswork out of your Treatment Plan. During your Consultation we ask you to fill in a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire, we listen to your concerns, make our own observations and create the safest and most effective Treatment Plan just for you, which will most likely involve at-home and in-clinic treatments.

The questionnaire helps us to gain a holistic view of your health and lifestyle and the external and internal factors that may be contributing to your concerns and overall health.

Please note we charge £60 for all our Consultations, of which £30 is redeemable against Product or Service within one month of the Consultation.

Virtual Consultation

Our skin consultations may be used to:

  • Identify specific skin problems.
  • Identify areas of improvement for optimum skin health.
  • Create full Treatments Plans.
  • Prescribe an at-home skincare routine.


The consultation involves:

  • An in-depth health and lifestyle questionnaire.
  • A manual analysis of the Skin where we look at texture, colour and secretion of your skin.
  • A skin scan using our Visia Skin Scan System which detects the level of damage under the skin.
  • A Treatment Plan which aims to resolve your skin concerns and any underlying skin issues that we detect, whilst improving the overall, long-term health of your skin.
  • A patch test (if appropriate).

Our Body Consultations take into consideration your health and goals in order to tackle your body concerns – whether pain related or aesthetic.

We have Treatments that can help to manage your pain, improve your circulation, shape and contour your body, get rid of excess pockets of fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite, scarring, pigmentation and lesions.

Our Body Consultations include:

  • An in-depth health and lifestyle questionnaire.
  • A manual analysis
  • Body measurements (if appropriate) .

After the Consultation, we create bespoke Treatment Packages for each of our Clients.

Our LASER Consultations take in to consideration the health of your Skin, your photo type, your hair type, your Concerns and lifestyle, as well as your genetic and medical history to devise the most appropriate LASER Treatment settings and plan for you.

The LASER consultation involves:

  • An in-depth health and lifestyle questionnaire.
  • An assessment of your Photo type and Skin Type.
  • An assessment of your hair type.
  • A Patch Test.
  • A full explanation of the Treatment.

We create bespoke Treatment Packages for each of our Clients after the Consultation.

Is your skin suffering from Skin Concerns such as Acne, Pigmentation, Sensitivity, Dullness, Ageing, Fine lines and wrinkles?

Don’t worry, even though we are in Lockdown, we have designed our Virtual Skin Consultations and Treatment Plans to target these Skin Concerns.

Book in for an Online Consultation and have a Home Treatment Plan delivered to your door.

Our Home Treatment Plans can be devised to treat: Acne, Pigmentation, Dryness, Dehydration, Redness, Sensitivity, Ageing, Fine Lines and Wrinkles and Overall Skin Dullness as well as other Conditions and Concerns.

Consultations last up to 90 minutes. During the Consultation, we take time to understand you, and your Skin and the leading cause of your Skin Concern. We determine your Phototype, Skin Type and discuss your concerns to create a tailored Home Treatment Plan for you.⁠

Those who book online Consultations also get priority booking when we re-open.⁠

Online Consultations are £30.

To find out more or to book a Consultation, simply fill in the Form, or Contact Us



Pre Support

Before your treatment commences, you will be invited to book an in-depth consultation to assess your concerns, and to identify any underlying causes. You are also given a proposed tailored treatment plan and pricing package.



We provide a tailored skin management programme designed specifically to your skin type, photo type and skin concern. Our clients unlock access to a dedicated, client-only support line.

What our many happy Clients are saying about us …

Early Bird
Early Bird
Its amazing having lazer sessions with Sonia. I can see wonderful results after 6 sessions, my hairs have reduced much. The skin products recommended by her are just fantastic. She is such a kind hearted lovable person.
FRankie Arundel
FRankie Arundel
So pleased for choosing laser hair removal at VSP Laser Clinic, particularly with Sonia, she has been a game-changer for me. I have rarely had waxing without after affects as my skin is super sensitive. The results have been life changing for me at VPl. What I didn’t expect as well as hair removal was Sonia gave me a skin scan and recommended serums and creams for my eyes and face. We just did a scan yesterday and my skin age went from 54 to 47 years old. I could not be happier and I am so grateful to Sonia and her colleague who have treated me so well since I met them. They are so professional and really give good advice on applying the products. VSL Laser Clinic is the place to go. Highly recommended! !
Usually a visit to a beauty salon leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed. Here, unfortunately, it was my first time having the opposite experience. I booked a facial scan to better understand my skin. First of all, they didn't tell me how to prepare for it, so unknowingly I ended up with a more irritated skin than usual, therefore the scan gave a distorted reading. As a result, the beautician hyperfocused on one issue, and completely ignored the others. The scan wasn't free, yet it was clearly designed like a promotion bait. After giving common sense advice that I already knew (some of it was rather based on common myths than science), the beautician proceeded to advertising two product lines. It was a surprise to me, as I didn't come here for a product promotion. I started questionning these products as I never heard of them before. Eventually the owner stepped in and seemed rather annoyed at my questionning (well excuse me for trying to understand your promoted skincare better). It surprised me that she didn’t have a proper reasoning for why these products were superior to others apart from that they were really good, and that she chose them by trying them out on herself. She proudly announced herself as a lawer, yet not so good at justifying her products. She tried to make me feel bad for overstaying the appointment (excuse me for not controlling YOUR time and for receiving a 'bonus' sales pitch that I never asked for). At the end she even said 'you should trust your therapist'. Trust has to be earned, I'm afraid. It was the first time I saw these people, and yet they were trying to sell expensive products to me at the first encounter. Not a lot of substance for trust here. And yet I did give them a benefit of a doubt as I was looking for new skincare at that point and decided to try some of the products they suggested anyway. Unfortunatelly the products were completely unsuited for my skin type and ended up clogging my pores that I'm still figuring out how to clear (ironic, since the scan was supposed to help me understand my skin better and choose better suited products as a result). I do not recommend this salon - the beautician, although lovely and pleasant, in my opinion lacks professional knowledge about the skin and the products, and the encounter with the owner simply left a bitter aftertaste. Edit (in response to owner's reply): 1. I'm surprised the owner still doesn't understand that some advice on preparation for the skin would be useful. Sensitive skin can flare up easily and you wouldn't want that to be highlighted on the scan. You could advise the client not to wear SPF for the scan, so that it does not need to be removed at the appointment, as rubbing the skin with a wipe to remove it can irritate sensitive skin. If possible, alcohol should also be avoided before the scan, as it can also sensitise the skin. 2. In my review I did say that the beautician was lovely (hence my follow up message about enjoying the consultation). The reason for bad review was an unpleasant interaction with the Owner. I wasn't given duration of the appointment and as said before, I should not be made feel bad if the staff are not able to manage the time. I was also made feel bad for questioning the products. Initially I tried to give her the benefit of a doubt, but after being disappointed with products I kept remembering my unpleasant visit and decided to share it. I do tend to share mainly best or worst interactions I had with various businesses, not sure why the owner brought it up as an argument. 3. One of the myths I remember is that if oily skin is well moisturised it will behave more normally. You cannot change your skin type. Oily skin will always produce excess oil. Skincare products can support your skin, but just moisturising well will not resolve the issue. Another one is that you shouldn't put SPF around the eyes - you absolutely should protect this area with SPF as it is very sensitive and will show signs of aging first, just choose an SPF that is not irritating to the eyes.
Janaya Fernandes
Janaya Fernandes
Choosing laser hair removal at VSP Laser Clinic, particularly with Sonia, has been a game-changer for me. As a brown girl with thick upper lip hair and sensitive skin, I struggled with traditional methods like waxing and threading. After 8 sessions, I'm beyond pleased with the remarkable results. Sonia's expertise and the clinic's advanced technology delivered flawless outcomes without any adverse reactions on my sensitive skin. If you're seeking effective and skin-friendly hair removal, VSP Laser Clinic is the place to go. Highly recommended!
I have been going to VSP for over a year now. Before I started coming my skin was very badly damaged from products that I had bought online. Since I have been having treatment with VSP, I have seen a massive improvement with my skin. There products are amazing. The team and staff are knowledgeable and lovely to be around. I would recommend them to anybody who has any skin issues.
Natalia and Sonia are so helpful and personable, made me feel so comfortable during consultations. Both very knowledgable! Sonia is guiding me thoroughly through every step of the skin care treatment process, I am in good hands!
Meryem Burkac
Meryem Burkac
I had a consultation with Nataliya and I am really happy with my experience. She was very informative and professional and I learned a lot about my skin. I had my skin scanned and was given advice about what products to use. The clinic was very nice and clean, and I recommend this clinic highly.
Lovely service at the VSP Clinic! The staff (Sonia and Natalia) are warm and inviting, you’re really made to feel welcome when you arrive. I received a course of nine green peels. The initial consultation was incredibly thorough, not only were skin care tips and tricks advised but also I was also given advice on a more holistic approach to healthier looking skin. I would wholeheartedly recommend getting a green peel from here if you are dark skinned (like me). The peels have evened out my skin tone so much, I’ve been receiving compliments on my skin since coming here! My face was routinely scanned so I could check on my progress, really great addition to the service. Will definitely return for maintenance sessions.
Zoe Yang
Zoe Yang
Highly recommend this clinic, very welcoming and helpful! I’ve finished my four Onda treatments and received positive results!!! Im very very happy with my experience here will definitely come back if I need more treatments hehe :)
Shema Griffin
Shema Griffin
The best skin clinic I’ve ever been to! I’ve struggled with a congested T zone and hyperpigmentation for a long time. After a consultation with Nataliya she recommended 6 sessions of green peels and the results are amazing!! Treatments and home care are reasonably priced and the customer service is excellent! Although I’ve completed my green peel sessions I’ll definitely be going back for general facials and other treatments

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