All Treatment journeys at VSP Clinic begin with a Consultation.

Our Consultations take the guesswork out of your Treatment Plan. During your Consultation we ask you to fill in a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire, we listen to your concerns, make our own observations and create the safest and most effective Treatment Plan just for you, which will most likely involve at-home and in-clinic treatments.

The questionnaire helps us to gain a holistic view of your health and lifestyle and the external and internal factors that may be contributing to your concerns and overall health.

Virtual Consultation

Our skin consultations may be used to:

  • Identify specific skin problems.
  • Identify areas of improvement for optimum skin health.
  • Create full Treatments Plans.
  • Prescribe an at-home skincare routine.


The consultation involves:

  • An in-depth health and lifestyle questionnaire.
  • A manual analysis of the Skin where we look at texture, colour and secretion of your skin.
  • A skin scan using our Visia Skin Scan System which detects the level of damage under the skin.
  • A Treatment Plan which aims to resolve your skin concerns and any underlying skin issues that we detect, whilst improving the overall, long-term health of your skin.
  • A patch test (if appropriate).

Our Body Consultations take into consideration your health and goals in order to tackle your body concerns – whether pain related or aesthetic.

We have Treatments that can help to manage your pain, improve your circulation, shape and contour your body, get rid of excess pockets of fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite, scarring, pigmentation and lesions.

Our Body Consultations include:

  • An in-depth health and lifestyle questionnaire.
  • A manual analysis
  • Body measurements (if appropriate) .

After the Consultation, we create bespoke Treatment Packages for each of our Clients.

Our LASER Consultations take in to consideration the health of your Skin, your photo type, your hair type, your Concerns and lifestyle, as well as your genetic and medical history to devise the most appropriate LASER Treatment settings and plan for you.

The LASER consultation involves:

  • An in-depth health and lifestyle questionnaire.
  • An assessment of your Photo type and Skin Type.
  • An assessment of your hair type.
  • A Patch Test.
  • A full explanation of the Treatment.

We create bespoke Treatment Packages for each of our Clients after the Consultation.

Is your skin suffering from Skin Concerns such as Acne, Pigmentation, Sensitivity, Dullness, Ageing, Fine lines and wrinkles?

Don’t worry, even though we are in Lockdown, we have designed our Virtual Skin Consultations and Treatment Plans to target these Skin Concerns.

Book in for an Online Consultation and have a Home Treatment Plan delivered to your door.

Our Home Treatment Plans can be devised to treat: Acne, Pigmentation, Dryness, Dehydration, Redness, Sensitivity, Ageing, Fine Lines and Wrinkles and Overall Skin Dullness as well as other Conditions and Concerns.

Consultations last up to 90 minutes. During the Consultation, we take time to understand you, and your Skin and the leading cause of your Skin Concern. We determine your Phototype, Skin Type and discuss your concerns to create a tailored Home Treatment Plan for you.⁠

Those who book online Consultations also get priority booking when we re-open.⁠

Online Consultations are £30.

To find out more or to book a Consultation, simply fill in the Form, or Contact Us



Pre Support

Before your treatment commences, you will be invited to book an in-depth consultation to assess your concerns, and to identify any underlying causes. You are also given a proposed tailored treatment plan and pricing package.



We provide a tailored skin management programme designed specifically to your skin type, photo type and skin concern. Our clients unlock access to a dedicated, client-only support line.

What our many happy Clients are saying about us …

Darshni Shah
Darshni Shah
Very professionally run clinic, clean and adherent to COVID precautions, friendly staff that make you feel at ease, excellent prices for state of the art machines, tailored skin care to suit your skin (including darker skin types). I have noted great results after just 4 sessions of laser. Thank you Sonia!
Poonam Madhar
Poonam Madhar
Excellent service, friendly staff, I had just one treatment, already can see the difference on my face, sonia has been wonderful treats me as friends noy just customer, gives right advice and right treatment so far very 😊
v v
v v
Extremely clean and tidy clinic, excellent customer service and state of the art technology.
Karishma Dhanani
Karishma Dhanani
My skin has started to see the effects of the stresses of the pandemic. As we are currently in lockdown, I did not think it would be possible to get a good treatment plan to make my skin brighter and maintain it going forward- but I was wrong. I reached out to VSP through their Instagram page and got a response immediately from Sonia who said they were doing virtual appointments. The initial virtual appointment was brilliant. Sonia was extremely thorough with her analysis of my skin and created a treatment plan for me to start off with at home. She also gave me a detailed step by step plan for me to follow for my daily routine. I just had my first virtual treatment last night, where Sonia went through each step of how and when to apply the products on to my face – more importantly she also went through why each product is important for me to reach my specific goals. This morning, my skin already feels so incredible. I can not wait to have my second virtual session with Sonia in 10 days.
Leah Khakh
Leah Khakh
VSP clinic was recommended to me by a friend. After a consultation with Sonia I was immediately given a skin care plan tailored to me and was able to see such positive improvements in a short space of time. All the staff here are welcoming and friendly and are always able to offer you additional support to any follow up questions you may have at any time. Would highly recommend this place to anyone.
Kathleen Stewart
Kathleen Stewart
I had a remote consultation (over video chat) followed by a new skin regime. Sonia is exceptionally knowledgeable about skin care. I've been using the products for nearly three months and my skin is both brighter and smoother and looks very good for my age. Whilst the products are expensive, they are very concentrated, so they are lasting longer than my previous regime and with these results they are well worth the money. It will be great when we are out of lockdown, and I can go for a treatment.
jojo baiden
jojo baiden
Amazing facility to get skin treatment, staff are wonderful and friendly. I started my treatment in October and I’m already seeing results, I’m very happy with the service I’ve been receiving. I am really impressed by the clinic and the ph formula products. The treatments offered are wonderful. The follow up VSP Clinc provides is amazing and the service offered during lockdown period has been exceptional. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in getting skin treatment.
Hawa's Cakery
Hawa's Cakery
Absolutely amazing place to get your skin treatment, I have done my laser hair removal and green peel done, very happy with the results. I love the cleanness and the vibe of VSP clinic so much. Sonia and her colleagues are extremely helpful and welcoming. Definitely recommend! Arzoo
Chelsea Harse
Chelsea Harse
Susie Callaghan
Susie Callaghan
I started treatment with Sonia around 10 weeks ago for a bad pigmentation mark on my cheek that was affecting my confidence. Sonia was most helpful and always very informative, already my skin has greatly improved and the mark faded considerably. Sonia does a treatment then follow up with home treatments. It’s become a lovely treat to go to the clinic and Iv gained a friend too!

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