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Our Consultations take the guesswork out of your Treatment Plan. We take time to understand your concerns, make our observations and create the safest and most effective Treatment Plan for you. Money paid for your Consultation can be used to purchase Products and Services in the Clinic.

Skin Consultation [£60]
LASER Consultation [£60]
Body Consultation [£60]

Biodroga MD Facial [Pricings]

Designed to superficially address signs of Ageing, Sensitive and Impure Skin.

The VSP Signature Facial [Pricings]

This facial is made for you. We listen to what your skin is telling us and use the machines and products that we feel your skin requires.

HydraFacial [Pricings]

This world famous treatment cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and nourishes, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and energised. Our HydraFacials gently remove dead skin and use super-serums containing antioxidants to rejuvenate.

The VSP Beard Facial [Pricings]

For your favourite beard (and the face beneath it). This treatment deep cleanses, moisturises the beard and face, promoting beard growth and skin health.

The VSP Cryo-Facial [Pricings]

This treatment uses cryo technology to stimulate collagen production, tighten the skin, shrink the appearance of pores, calm irritated skin and increase natural radiance.

The VSP LED Facial [Pricings]

Our LED Facial is tailored to your skin concerns and can be used for targeting signs of ageing, acne & scars through eliminating bacteria and encouraging the stimulation of collagen and elastin

Vegan Facial [Pricings]

Our vegan facials use organic, plant based products which have not been tested on animals. The exact products used in your treatment will depend on your skin type and concerns.

Cancer Patient Facial [Pricings]

Our aim is to provide an escape and an opportunity to disconnect from daily stresses. Cancer touch therapy is a holistic therapy that encourages a meditative state of mind. During the therapy, we focus on healing the mind, body and spirit.

Biodroga MD Peels [Pricings]

AHA Peels that have been designed to address signs of Ageing, Sensitive and Impure Skin.

pHformula Skin Resurfacing [Pricing]

pHformula Skin Resurfacing treatments are our most powerful and effective. These treatments are focused on restoring skin health but can also be tailored to your individual skin needs.

Skin Needling [Pricings]

Skin needling is used to deliver a cocktail of essential ingredients directly in to the layers of the skin that need it the most.

Dr Schrammek Herbal Peel [Pricings]

Herbal Peels by Dr Schrammek are one of our most effective treatments in combating fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne related issues and uneven skin tone. This treatment uses a mix of natural herbs to peel and rejuvenate the skin.

LASER Skin Rejuvenation [Pricings]

This resurfacing treatment works on the top layer of skin to tackle specific skin concerns. This treatment is effective when used to improve skin tone and texture, reduce pore size and to improve appearance of acne scarring, liver spots and age spots.

Mesotherapy [Pricings]

Mesotherapy involves the use of needles to inject essential ingredients in to the skin. This encourages cell repair.

Whole Body Cryo [Pricings]

This treatment plunges the body in to temperatures of -150c, which triggers the release of endorphins and anti-inflammatories to relieve pain, promote healing and to provide the ultimate burst of rejuvenation, energy and refreshment.

Localised Cryo [Pricings]

Cryotherapy is the use of cold pressure to provide pain relief, assist in healing and promote overall well-being.

ONDA Body Contouring [Pricings]

The ONDA is a signature VSP treatment which uses Coolwave™ technology to target stubborn cellulite. This treatment involves transferring heat energy to subcutaneous fat cells whilst keeping the upper layers of skin cool.

ONDA Chin Tightening [Pricings]

The ONDA is a signature VSP treatment which uses Coolwave™️ technology to target stubborn fat under the chin or submental area, commonly known as the ‘double chin’. This treatment involves transferring heat energy to subcutaneous fat cells whilst keeping the upper layers of skin cool.

Boa Max 2 Lymphatic Drainage [Pricings]

At VSP, we use the Boa Max 2 to improve circulation and to stimulate the lymphatic system.

LED Therapy [Pricings]

LED light therapy has been proven to reduce pain, bring down inflammation and assist in wound healing. It also helps with a variety of skin concerns such as acne and signs of ageing.

Neck Rejuvenation [Pricings]

The neck and décolletage area is where the first signs of ageing appear. This treatment focuses on superficial exfoliation and cell renewal to improve the overall condition of the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and photo damage on the neck and décolletage, using pHformula Skin Resurfacing technology.

Hand Rejuvenation [Pricings]

This treatment was designed to tackle various signs of ageing which appear on the hands, including age spots and wrinkles. The treatment involves exfoliation, resurfacing and a rebuild and repair treatment, using pHformula Skin Resurfacing Technology.

Fungal Nail Infection Removal [Pricings]

Fungal infections are a common infection of the skin of the feet, especially between the toes. In appearance, fungal infection causes the nail to appear discoloured (often yellow or black), unhealthy and sometimes raised.

To treat fungal nail we use LASER.

LASER Hair Removal [Pricings]

LASERs remove unwanted hair and are suitable for use in all areas of your body*. LASER is a more permanent solution than shaving, waxing or threading and with our system, most people begin to notice a significant difference in 3-6 sessions.

Lesion Removal [Pricings]

Lesions are marks, indents or raised areas of skin, these can include freckles, milia, skin tags, cherry angiomas and age spots. We offer a few treatments to remove lesions such as LASER, electrolysis and resurfacing.

Hydrafacial™ Keravive™ [Pricings]
Designed purely to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the scalp for all phototypes who want healthier and fuller looking hair .


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