Price List


Our consultations take the guess work out of your treatment plan. We take time to understand your concerns, make our observations and create the safest and most effective treatment plan for you. Money paid for your consultation can be used to purchase products and services in the clinic.

Skin Consultation [£30]
Laser Consultation [£30]
Body Consultation [£30]

VSP Signature Treatments

The VSP Facial [£65]

This facial is made for you. We listen to what your skin is telling us and use the machines and products that we feel your skin is asking for.

The VSP Beard Facial [£65]

For your favourite beard (and the face beneath it). This treatment deep cleanses, moisturises the beard and face, promoting beard growth and skin health.

The VSP Cryo-Facial [£65]

This treatment uses cryo technology to stimulate collagen production, tighten the skin, shrink the appearance of pores, calm irritated skin and increase natural radiance.

The VSP LED Facial [£55]

Our LED Facial is tailored to your skin concerns and can be used for targeting signs of ageing, acne & scars through eliminating bacteria and encouraging the stimulation of collagen and elastin

The VSP Laser Resurfacing Facial [£55]

This resurfacing treatment works on the top layer of skin to tackle specific skin concerns such as signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars and other skin irregularities.

The VSP Peel [£55]

The peel made for you. This treatment uses peeling agents to assist with addressing skin concerns such as signs of ageing, pigmentation, acne scars and other skin irregularities.

Needling, Peels & Resurfacing

These treatments are used to solve specific skin concerns such as acne, scarring, pigmentation, skin damage, uneven skin tone, dehydration, chronic redness, sensitivity and fine lines and wrinkles. We create tailored packages and pricing for each of our clients, so the prices listed are just a guide. We use Dr Schrammek’s Herbal Peels, pHformula’s Skin Resurfacing, Biodroga MD and Needling.

Beginners Peels [£85]
Advanced Peels [£120]
Needling [£200]
“New Skin in 5 Days” [£300]


Facial are a perfect way to relax whilst giving your skin a boost. We use our mixture of high-end products from Dr Schrammek, IMAGE, BioDroga, Bio:Vegane and and use vacuum suction, galvanic and high frequency machines to enhance the effects of your treatment. You may choose from the following facials or ask our specialists to pick the most appropriate one for your skin!

Hydrating – Anti-Ageing – Clarifying – Damage Repair – Brightening – Sensitive – Optimum Health
Express Facial [£45]
Full Facial [£55]
Facial with Machines [£65]


HydraFacials are popular all over the world. There are six treatment steps involved, which centre around detoxifying the skin, removing dead skin cells, extracting debris, providing long lasting hydration and administering essential nutrients to support and rebuild collagen levels. Keeping skin looking healthy, glowing and perky.

Express HydraFacial [£95]
HydraFacial [£120]
Targeted HydraFacial [£170]
(Anti-Ageing, Acne & Pigmentation)

Body Treatments

ONDA – inch loss, cellulite reduction and skin tightening

1 session: £100 6: £90 each 8: £80 each

Dr Schrammek Slimming Wrap

1 session: £100 6: £90 each 8: £80 each

G5 – deep mechanical massage for pain and body contouring

1 session: £50 6: £45 each 8: £40 each

Boa Max 2 – lymphatic drainage for cellulite and improved circulation

1 session: £50 6: £45 each 8: £40 each

LED Therapy – pain management

1 session: £50 6: £45 each 8: £40 each

Hand Rejuvenation

1 session: £120 6: £110 each 8: £100 each

Neck Rejuvenation

1 session: £120 6: £110 each 8: £100 each


We can treat conditions such as fungal nail and remove lesions, marks, indents and raised areas of skin, including freckles, pigmented areas, cherry angiomas and age spots.

Irregularity Removals [from £50]


These treatments are used by manual workers, office workers and sports people alike. Cryo-stimulation involves introducing the body to sub-zero temperatures to assist with alleviating body pain, encourage faster healing and energising the body. Cryo-stimulation also has various benefits for the skin including increased collagen production, which can reduce signs of ageing. Studies have indicated that cryo-stimulation can increase your metabolism and assist in weight loss.

Local Cryo-Stimulation
Cryo-stimulation can be used to alleviate specific body concerns such as swelling, pain and soreness. It can be used to accelerate healing and reduce pain in localised areas.

1 session: £40 6: £30 each 8: £20 each

Whole Body Cryo-Sauna
This treatment plunges the body in to temperatures of -150c, which triggers the release of endorphins and anti-inflammatories to relieve pain, promote healing and to provide the ultimate burst of rejuvenation, energy and refreshment.

1 session: £85 6: £70 each 8: £50 each

Laser Hair Removal

Extra small area e.g. upper lip, middle of brows, fingers, toes, chin

1 session: £40 6: £30 each 8: £26 each

Small area e.g. hands, feet, underarm and bikini line

session: £60 6: £45 each 8: £39 each

Medium area e.g. half arms, half legs, stomach, chest

1 session: £110 6: £85 each 8: £75 each

Large area e.g. full arms, full torso

1 session: £180 6: £130 each 8: £110 each

Extra Large area e.g full legs

1 session: £200 6: £170 each 8: £150 each

Full Face

1 session: £115 6: £90 each 8: £80 each

Full Body (not including face)

1 session: £600 6: £500 each 8: £400 each


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