Cryo Facials

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This facial uses cryo-technology, which involves introducing the Skin to sub-zero temperatures to enhance the firmness of the skin, soothe inflammation and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pores, uneven skin texture and uneven skin tone. Cryo-stimulation tightens the skin, calms irritation and increases natural radiance due to increased collagen production.

This is a perfect treatment for an instant boost, but has longer lasting effects if carried out frequently.

    • Express
      A quick, refreshing facial in which you receive a facial cleanse, cryo-stimulation therapy and post-treatment moisturisation.
    • Full Facial with Cryo
      An enhanced refreshing facial which involves a tailored full facial together with cryo-stimulation.
      • Face or Scalp Massage
        This relaxing add-on releases cerebral tension and reduces stress.
      • Face Machine
        Facial machines can enhance the effects of your treatment.  Your VSP Therapist will select the most appropriate machine to add to your treatment, which may have the following effects: lifting, hydrating, smoothing and brightening the skin.
      • Hand Massage
        Add a relaxing 10-minute hand massage to your Treatment. Perfect for tired, stressed-out hands. Hand massages increase your range of movement and improve overall hand strength.
      • LED
        The LED Treatment can be tailored to your skin concerns. LED lights are particularly useful for targeting signs of ageing, acne and healing scars.
      • Boa Max 2 – Lymphatic Drainage
        This Treatment promotes wellness through massage, focusing on draining the lymphatic system. This treatment has various benefits including a boosted immune system, slimming, cellulite reduction and pain management.
      • Touch Therapy
        This soothing treatment activates pressure points on the face, relieving tension and inducing a relaxed state of mind.



Vapour is cooled to sub-zero temperatures and applied systematically to the skin on your face and scalp.

A cold blast of air used on the skin. It is a cooling and uplifting experience.

No. However, if the Treatment is on the scalp, your hair may feel greasy after this Treatment.

We recommend at least 1 treatment a month if you have no specific skin concerns.

However, after your Consultation, when we have a better idea of your Skin Concerns, exact Skin Type, lifestyle, nutritional habits and medical history we will establish a Treatment Programme tailored to you, where we will advise on the number of sessions you might need and at what intervals.

We always recommend home treatments together with lifestyle and nutritional changes to support all in-clinic treatments.

Homecare maintains and optimises the skin, and when treating skin concerns is just as important as in-clinic treatments. Prescribed skincare maintains the integrity of your skin barrier. Protecting from the constant external factors that stress and damage the skin.

Please click HERE to see our pricing. We create Tailored Packages and pricing for each of our clients, so the prices listed are just a guide. Get in touch today to book a Consultation.


Pre Support

Before your treatment commences, you will be invited to book an in-depth consultation to assess your concerns, and to identify any underlying causes. You are also given a proposed tailored treatment plan and pricing package.



We provide a tailored skin management programme designed specifically to your skin type, photo type and skin concern. Our clients unlock access to a dedicated, client-only support line.

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