Fungal Infection Removal


Fungal infections are a common infection of the skin of the feet, especially on the nail beds. In appearance, fungal infection causes the nail to appear discoloured (often yellow or black), unhealthy and sometimes raised.

To treat fungal nail we use LASER.

During your Consultation, once we have a better idea of the severity of infection, your lifestyle and medical history, we will be able to establish an appropriate Treatment Programme for you. Multiple Treatments are often required to treat this Concern. In some instances, we may also require a Doctor’s note to proceed with treatment.


Removal of fungal infection

  • Skin Consultation
    Take the guesswork out of your Skin Routine. During your Consultation we will take time to understand your Skin and recommend the safest, most appropriate Treatments and products for you.
  • Witch Hazel
    Witch hazel has antiseptic, astringent , soothing and cooling properties which help after lesion removal.
  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera soothes and cools irritated skin to ease discomfort and hydrate skin.



It works by using a long pulse LASER over the infected area.

Fungal removal Treatment can be uncomfortable. During the Treatment a sensation will be experienced like a tingle, heat or a minor sting. Everyone has their own pain threshold, which can be affected by a number of factors:

  • Health, stress, time of menstruation
  • Area to be treated
  • Skin sensitivity
  • The settings used

Clients typically need 1 -2 treatments.

However, during your Consultation, once we have a better idea of your specific concerns, exact skin type, lifestyle, nutritional habits and medical history we will establish a Treatment Programme tailored to you. After your Consultation, we will be able to better advise you on the number of sessions you might need and at what intervals.

We often recommend Mixed Modality Treatments, which are always supported by at-home Treatments.

We always recommend Home Treatments together with lifestyle and nutritional adjustments to support all Treatments in-clinic. We also recommend coming in for maintenance appointments if the concern resurfaces.

Please click HERE to see our pricing. We create Tailored Packages and pricing for each of our Clients, so the prices listed are just a guide. Get in touch today to book a Consultation.


Pre Support

Before your treatment commences, you will be invited to book an in-depth consultation to assess your concerns, and to identify any underlying causes. You are also given a proposed tailored treatment plan and pricing package.



We provide a tailored skin management programme designed specifically to your skin type, photo type and skin concern. Our clients unlock access to a dedicated, client-only support line.

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