Hand Rejuvenation

How Hand Rejuvenation works?

This Treatment was designed to tackle various signs of ageing which appear on the hands, including age spots and wrinkles. The Treatment involves exfoliation, resurfacing and a rebuild and repair Treatment, using pHformula Skin Resurfacing Technology.

It is a non-invasive process that rejuvenates your skin layer by layer, and can be enhanced through needling. Controlled Skin Resurfacing goes beyond the outer layer of the skin to actively provoke an accelerated form of cell regeneration in all layers. New skin cells form from the inside out, resulting in more radiant, younger-looking skin surface – reducing the chance of trauma or irritation and achieving results without the risk and cost associated with cosmetic surgery.


Optimum Skin Health – Anti Ageing – Brightening – Pigmentation

  • Express Hand Rejuvenation
    This Treatment was designed to tackle signs of ageing on the hands using pHformula Skin Resurfacing technology, which is built around exfoliating, resurfacing, rebuilding and repairing the skin.
  • Advanced Hand Rejuvenation
    This Treatment involves the use of needling in conjunction with pHformula Skin Resurfacing technology to enhance and expedite the results of hand rejuvenation, centred around tackling the signs of ageing on the hands.
  • Face or Scalp Massage
    This relaxing add-on releases cerebral tension and reduces stress.
  • Express Facial
    A quick “pick me up” facial. Gives your skin a boost.
  • Boa Max 2 – Lymphatic Drainage
    This Treatment promotes wellness through massage, focusing on draining the lymphatic system. This Treatment has various benefits including a boosted immune system, slimming, cellulite reduction and pain management.
  • Face Mask Treatment
    Facemasks soothe, hydrate and balance the skin, making this a great add-on to any facial, or a standalone mini Treatment that can be enjoyed whilst having another Treatment.
  • Eye Treatment
    This relaxing eye Treatment soothes, brightens and repairs tired, puffy eyes.



pH Formula is the world’s first pharma-cosmeceutical treatment line, which brings together the world of “cosmeceuticals” and “medical prescriptions”.

It is based on the technology of regenerative medicine with the concept of creating controlled chemical skin resurfacing. The aim is to have little or no visible trauma to the skin in order to repair the skin’s natural barrier. The mission is to maintain the integrity of the skin.

Using the mechanism of a unique bio availability delivery complex known as the PH-DVC™, the combination of acids and actives are safely delivered into the skin without any negative side effects normally seen with conventional peels.

During the Treatment you may experience some temporary discomfort such as tingling, stinging, heat, tightness or warm flushing.  This will fade within a few minutes.  During the hours following your Treatment, you may experience some tightening of the skin, which may last for a few days.

Mild redness might occur immediately after the resurfacing Treatment, rebound redness usually goes away on its own. Some Clients experience temporary discolouration and flaking. We ask for Clients to refrain from intense workouts or anything else that may create heat in the body after the Treatment.

6-8 resurfacing Treatments at minimum 2-week intervals are generally recommended to treat skin concerns. This is usually best followed by 1 resurfacing
Treatment every 4-6 weeks going forward to maintain results.

However, during your Consultation, once we have a better idea of your specific concerns, exact skin type, lifestyle, nutritional habits and medical history we will establish a Treatment Programme tailored to you. After your Consultation, we will be able to better advise you on the number of sessions you might need and at what intervals.

We often recommend Mixed Modality Treatments, which are always supported by at-home Treatments.

We always recommend Home Treatments together with lifestyle and nutritional adjustments to support all Treatments in-clinic. We also recommend coming in for maintenance appointments.

Homecare maintains and optimises the skin, and when treating skin concerns, is just as important as in-clinic treatments. Prescribed skincare maintains the integrity of your skin barrier. Protecting from the constant external factors that stress and damage the skin.

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Pre Support

Before your treatment commences, you will be invited to book an in-depth consultation to assess your concerns, and to identify any underlying causes. You are also given a proposed tailored treatment plan and pricing package.



We provide a tailored skin management programme designed specifically to your skin type, photo type and skin concern. Our clients unlock access to a dedicated, client-only support line.

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